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TFNbusiness.ca is owned and operated by the Economic Development division of the Lands and Resources Department of the Temagami First Nation.

The purpose of the www.tfnbusiness.ca is to promote businesses owned and operated by members of the Temagami First Nation.

We provide links to established websites and create websites for small business from the Temagami First Nation.

We encourage you to shop locally and to support Temagami First Nation businesses.

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Temagami First Nation’s Administration Office is located on the Bear Island Indian Reserve, which is one square mile of land, mostly rock, in the middle of Lake Temagami. The Bear Island Indian Reserve community, which includes 250 permanent residents and the government institutions of the Temagami First Nation.

The focus of this Aboriginal Affairs Consulting Firm and its customized Moving Red Canoe workshops is to provide a meaningful introduction to those who want to, or have to, deal with First Nation people.

DAVID LARONDE is an Indigenous singer-songwriter performing contemporary Native Canadian Music. He hails from Teme-Augama Anishnabai (Deep Water People) in beautiful Northern Ontario. His Debut CD, "Right City Wrong Town" was nominated Best Blues CD by Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards 2013.


Hugh McKenzie, Canadian Ojibway Artist 40 yrs experience in Originals, Prints, and Art-Cards

My Spirit name is Zaagiidgeaway Gabo (Standing near the top of a hill). I am 68 year old Ojibway Elder, artist , Musician & Traditional Healer from Temagami First Nation Bear Island On, P0H1C0

Hello! My name is Haley and I am a young and passionate Graphic Designer working with small to medium sized businesses. Based in Terrace, BC, available for work locally and remotely.

Let's make cool stuff!

Harvesters and Gatherers of Anishnabai and Ohwngwehoweh and Keetoowah aniyoonwhiya food crops, including maple syrup and wild rice.. 


Lake Temagami Eco Bungalows are situated on a pristine deep clear lake with stunning views. 

You will enjoy beautiful sunsets and discover the reason why so many return to this area!  You will have a chance to catch lake trout, pickerel, whitefish and ling; all of which are great tasting! 

Build some great memories with friends or family and reconnect with nature.

I offer a clinical approach to Massage Therapy by first assessing the patient's limitations and then focus on restoring full function during the treatment. I use various pressures during the massage depending on needs and limitations in the soft tissue. Every massage technique requires a different amount of pressure, for example lymphatic drainage is a very light pressure massage as to not collapse the drainage pathway. Whereas trigger points ('knots') require a deeper pressure technique. WELCOME TO THUNDER PIPE LODGE
Trees touch the sky on Lake Temagami, an area celebrated for its pristine wilderness and stunning canoe routes. Here you will find one of the world's last old growth whitepine forests and feel the healing spirit of over 6,000 years of Teme- augama Anishnabai cultural heritage.
Your home base is Thunder Pipe Lodge on Bear Island. Surrounding you are deep woods, the comforting call of loons, and tribal elders who will share ancient teachings around the campfire.


Fashion Design Brand specializing in designing/creating custom and small run production of garments for eveningwear, after 5pm, and athleisurewear.

Our Creative Director, Lesley Hampton, has been recognized by the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards as a nominee of the Simons Student Design Award.


Located on Lake Nipissing, we are a company that is dedicated to providing you with the fishing experience of a lifetime.

We offer a variety of tours and packages that are guaranteed to satisfy the fishing enthusiast in you. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy these great services:

• Guided ice fishing tours and overnight huts.
• Summer Cabin and Campsite Rentals
• Guided summer fishing tours

James Faubert

James' artistic ability is mainly self- taught. As a child he drew and painted while his peers played with toys. As a young man he received some training and guidance from internationally renowned Woodland artist Hugh McKenzie.

Hugh McKenzie, Benjamin Chee Chee and Wallace Irvine were his early influences in Native art.  James has developed his own unique style and continues to grow with each new piece he creates. His medium is mainly acrylic on canvas.

Daki Menan Lands and Resources

Daki Menan Lands and Resources Corporation (DMLRC) is an incorporated not-for-profit company.
Daki Menan Lands and Resources Corporation directors are all band members, and they include representation from the Temagami First Nation Council.

DLMRC was incorporated in 2004 as part of the band’s forestry strategy, which was developed in 2001.

Friday Creeations

I am a professional contemporary dance artist and choreographer I began my career with In the Land of Spirits in 1992 and have been performing as an artist since then.

I am Anishinabbe kwe from Friday’s Point on Lake Temagami in Northern Ontario. My latest piece, Maggie and Me, explores community, family, history, and the power of a healing dance as scenes weave through the dream realm, spirit realm and the present realm.

J and J Property Services

J & J Property Services finishes each project on schedule and with the highest level of quality.

With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed expectations.

We have the equipment, experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. Whether we're clearing roofs or driveways with jandj.ca, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.

Bear Island, ON POH 1C0

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